Become a UK Electrician

You may be a qualified electrician working for a company or someone who has recently passed the required qualifications to become an electrician and want to start your own business.

You will not be alone as there are well over 100,000 registered electricians in the UK and this figure is growing year by year.

People will always need electrical repairs done around the home from faulty wiring to having a whole house renovated and a full rewire installation. Not to mention business premises and newly built homes. You will provide you with plenty of work for years to come.

There are many things that you will need to consider when starting your new business. You will need a budget to start with to buy the tools that you need. If you are an experienced electrician you may have some already which will cut down costs.

You will need a website also that will help drum ups some business and customers. Ideally it will be optimised for certain phrases that people type in when looking for the services that you provide. So as an example if a person typed in SOS 24/7 London Electricians your website will show up on the front page so people can view it with ease.

It would be a good idea to make a list of everything that you will need, transportation must be considered and you may need to buy a vehicle. You could have this branded with a logo which will look great and promote your company while on the road. This will give a positive professional image.

You will need to know what rules and regulations you will need to comply with before you start work and you will need certain certifications to enter building sites for instance a CSS card.

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To get an idea of the tools that you will need to carry the jobs out safely and effectively, please watch the video below to get a good idea of what you will need.

What Exactly Employment Solicitors Do

Employment-SolicitorsEmployment solicitors are experts in offering legal services in any disputes that may arise between the employer and the employee. There are several instances when the services of an employment solicitor are required. They include but are not limited to the below;

  • Policies; employers are required to consult these solicitors when crafting policies and regulations related to employment. These may include issues covering sick leave, termination procedures, sexual harassment at the work place, and other basic policies revolving round the work place.
  • Employee disputes; what is the best way to handle a bonus dispute with your employer for instance? An employment solicitor is the best person to handle such a dispute. They are highly trained to argue your case in a court of law, or if need be, to mediate a settlement agreement with your employer.
  • Settlement agreement; there are times that an employer infringes on the rights of an employee, whether knowingly, or unknowingly. And they say that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. At times, the employer will be forced to settle the matter out of court and as such, an employment solicitor must be present. A settlement agreement in the absence of an employment solicitor may not be admissible in a court of law.
  • Job Contracts; Nowadays, anyone taking in a new job is always advised not to rush to sign that contract, before they have taken time to go over it with an employment solicitor. These solicitors will help you breakdown the fine details of the contract, point out legal loopholes, and such. They thus are able to help you understand whether the terms and conditions of that job are fair


Nowadays, employment solicitors London are playing a crucial role, acting as the balance between the interests of the employer, and the employee too.

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Wedding Reception Ideas for delightful wedding ceremony

wedding-receptionWeddings are fun events for everybody or so we assume but not so much for those who are planning them. There is always a hassle when it comes to finding the perfect venue and other little details that make the day spectacular. It is always nice therefore to have some new wedding reception ideas to drop every now and then to make wedding days the dream for the newlyweds. Some of the epic ideas include;

  • Indoors

Hindu wedding venues that meet the threshold are a bit difficult to come by. It is easy and refreshing though, to recreate any theme that that the newlyweds desire indoors. All it would require would be a huge enough hall, creative minds and the will to get it done. This way you can create explosive ideas that will be imprinted in the minds of your guests for ages.

  • Nature outdoors

It has become a common venture for weddings to be held in the midst of nature. Nature is a fabulous venue for a Hindu wedding considering all the meshing colors. Putting together the colors of nature with legendary Hindu costumes would produce a sight for sore eyes to behold. Nature provides a nice backdrop for ay colors that may be used for the wedding.

  • Waterfront outdoors

Weddings on the waterfront will always dazzle irrespective of the themes in play or the colors that have been used to enact the themes. The water reflects the dazzle of the colors thereby helping them to blend more easily with the surroundings. The lull of the water also provides the necessary background for the hustle and bustle that is usually involved in Hindu weddings.


Finding Hindu wedding venues is easy if you have an eye for details. Check the best Indian wedding Venues for more details by searching on search engines.


Executing a Hindu wedding venue in style is all depends on the choice of venue.

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Make Your Client Presentation through A video

Client presentation simply refers to the delivery of a company’s products or services to clients or customers. There are various methods you can apply when it comes to client presentation. Some of these methods are: power point presentations being one of the most common, audios and last but not least videos. The use of video to make your client presentation involves promoting you company’s products or services through usage of both images and sound. When you’re making your client presentation through video there are a number of factors that you must put into consideration which will determine whether your video presentation will either succeed or fail.

Below are some of the factors or criteria that are involved when making your client presentation through a video:

  • Create your content with your audience in mind- When making your client presentation through a video, instead of starting off with the usual introduction as seen in most client presentation videos you should make your video unique by starting with something that will capture your audience’s attention such as storytelling or giving a few interesting facts. This will keep your audience interested to know more about the product or service that you’re selling.
  • Staying focused on the Topic– When making your client presentation through a video, you should always ensure that both your script and your visuals are according to the topic at hand. You should not make a video presentation whereby the clients are left to wonder when you will get to the point. The presentation should be lively, unique, captivating, creative and straight to the point.
  • Maintain Good Body Language and Tone- When making your client presentation through a video you should always make sure that you have good body language, posture, smile, and use of your hands while speaking in the video. You should always avoid distractive movements. You should also ensure that your tone of voice in the video is in the right volume and pace. Your audience should be able to clearly hear and understand what you are saying.
  • Finish Early– When making your client presentation through a video you should always try to finish the presentation early. This means that you should try to make it as brief as possible to avoid the audience losing interest.
  • Be relaxed– When making a client presentation through a video you should always make sure that you are as relaxed as possible as this will show the audience that you are confident and knowledgeable in what you are saying to the client. Panicking makes you look uncertain of what you are talking about.


Making a client presentation is not always easy and therefore, the above are some of the things that should be put into consideration when making your client presentation through a video.


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Questions which you must ask for a business analyst

question-to ask for business analyst

It does not matter what project you are going to undertake. It is not important what industry you are going to be assessing. What is important is you know what you are going to do. You must as questions. You must find what it is the client wants. Presented is a list of obvious questions every good business analyst should know the answer to when starting a project.

1. What problem is this business having that you hope to solve by developing this project? It should be obvious as to why you would ask that question. If you do not understand what the problem is then you can not help to solve it. Also, when reading the project program it may not be clear as to what the client actually wants. The scope may only tell you what they would like to see happen. It could and often times is not focused on what the true issues are.

2. What is the business doing at present to alleviate or solve the issue? What has been tried in the past? You must understand what the client is doing in order to understand what must be done. You do not want to develop a project plan overview only to have someone tell you it has been tried. Listen to the customer. Find out what they have done. Ask questions while you are listening. On your toes brainstorming so to speak. Listen to what has not worked.

3. What inside resources will this project be utilizing? What outside resources will be necessary? You will want to determine where your help and team players are coming from. You may be familiar with most of the IT, but if the client wants to outsource it is a different game. You may have to make a list of external interactions. Define the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This can be most advantageous.

4. Have you determined a vision for the project? The business analyst will compare this scope with the one he or she will develop to ensure consistencies and a parallel outlook. In other words make sure you are on the same path. This is sometimes easier said than done. Communication is the key to success with this question.

5. What risks to you foresee and are you willing to take them? A conservative client may not be inclined to take large risks. Getting them to be specific can help when generating the project program. You may also be able to overcome some of their fears or doubts by explaining the risk factor more thoroughly.

6. Are you under any type of time constraint? There has to be a set time frame for the outcome. A goal can be reached for any project if time is not a factor. Most clients have time constraints which affect every avenue of business. You will want to know what these are and plan accordingly.

7. What is the projected cost of the program? An aggressive business analyst may be blunt and honest by wording the question like this. What is the projected budget and can it be deviated from? There are times certain steps must be taken which can cause a project to run over budget. Other plans of action may not need implemented because management was not fully aware of certain assets available. It is best to know exactly what is going into this project for the project program to succeed.

The goal is to reach the objective with everyone satisfied. A business analyst can not do this without talking and listening to everyone involved.